Wye Valley Meadery Traditional Mead 70cl


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Combining our love of nature with our interest in brewing. We set out to create something as original as possible by taking the world’s oldest form of alcohol, and giving it a modern twist. What we have created is innovative, light, refreshing and rich in flavour, but also steeped in history. A true blend of old and new.

We brew our mead in our purpose built meadery in Caldicot with honey from our bees from the Wye Valley, an area well known for its natural beauty and excellent biodiversity. There is a great concentration of small leaf lime trees here which gives our honey quite a distinct flavour. We wanted to make a mead that you can enjoy in the same way as a beer, cider or sparkling wine so we brew to a lower alcohol level than a typical mead. We also bottle condition to get a delicate sparkle into the liquid. This combined with our infusions of seasonal flavours gives us something truly unique and a real flavour of the local area.

**2 STAR Great Taste Award 2022**

Judges notes:

“Pale gold, gently hazy in the glass. The honey aroma is deep and rich, rendered more complex by a hint of wet gabardine. The palate initially surprised with its high abv and relative dryness, but the wealth of flavour is maintained with remarkable clarity, even a hint of honeycomb and hive. Full bodied and deeply warming, we feel this is an archetypal, abbey-style mead, made with care and precision.”

“A delicate primrose yellow with a gentle cloudy hue. A beautiful honeyed nose with wafts of wild flower and the foraging environment of the bee.  Hints of the hive and bee are mellow yet blend beautifully to deliver a really appealing character. Sweet, gentle, rounded, smooth aromas translate through to the palate delivering a delightful, fully flavoured, fragrant, floral, soft, yet rich, fruity mead. Hints of citrus balance the honeyed sweetness. There are suggestions of both sweet orange and zesty lemon. A truly lengthy and luxurious finish. Carefully and beautifully balanced, levels of sweetness and acidity are spot on. Complex and vibrant which a flavour that keeps delivering on flavour. An utter treasure.”


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