Villalobos Carignan Reserva 2018


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Only vineyard in the wild in the world:

The Villalobos family estate is located close to Ranguili villageColchagua Valley appellation of origin. Colchagua Costa is a region close to the Pacific Ocean, internationally recognized for its dry summer days and refreshing nights. The vineyard is essentially Carignan variety, and it was planted during the 1940’s and 50’s.

Villalobos vines have never been treated in the production process; indeed, the vines have always grown free with any chemical processes for sixty years amongst native chilean flora such as: maitenes, rosehip, culenes, pine trees, blackberry bushes etc.

This wine is made from 100% Carmenere Varietal and undergoes spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts, aged for 18 months in old French oak barrels before being bottled unfined and unfiltered. It has fresh and vibrant aromas of blackberries and ripe plums followed by flavours of cherries and strawberries. With delicate and soft tannins and an excellent balancing acidity, the overall feel is elegant and ripe as it leads to a nicely dry and lengthy finish.

*Natural Non-intervention wine

*Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

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Joe’s Judgements

Carignan is a relative rarity in Chile, mainly because its a tricky grape to grow, Requiring a warm climate for optimal ripening, its vulnerable to fungal diseases like rot and, notably, powdery mildew. Its tough stems pose a challenge for mechanical harvesting. This grape variety tends to display remarkable growth rate and high yields. However, in cases of abundant harvests, the tannins often fail to fully ripen, resulting in a harsh, astringent, and bitter character.

This wine from ‘The Wild Vineyard’ Villalobo has been carefully managed to avoid these pitfalls, as well as being completely wild with little or no training of vines, growth of the local flora all around it, handpicking and minimal intervention winemaking techniques being employed.

A nice medium ruby-red in colour, this wine releases inviting aromas of ripe plums, herbaceous mint, and chocolate richness. The palate offers a rich and elegant drinking experience with a solid, well-ripened texture and remarkable acidity. The tannins are velvety, and the finish is dry but lingering. It pairs wonderfully with dishes such as Northern African dishes like Moroccan cuisine, richer white meats like duck and pork. Definitely have it with rustic style cooking. Villalobo Carignan Reserve is a delectable Natural-style wine.

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