Casa de Vilacetinho Vinho Verde DOC 2022/2023


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Situated in Alpendurada within the Marco de Canaveses region, Casa de Vilacetinho Winery stands as one of the oldest and most esteemed brands in the area, contributing pivotal chapters to the narrative of Portuguese winemaking. This winery distinguishes itself not only through its historical significance but also by its exceptional agricultural setting, which imparts unique qualities to its estate. Here, they craft distinctive wines that eloquently express the distinctiveness of their terroir. Among the grape varieties cultivated, the Avesso grape reigns supreme, symbolizing the Vinhos Verde region’s complexity and allure. The resulting wines are characterized by their youthful freshness, delicate equilibrium, and inherent elegance. The winery’s roots trace back to the year 1790, and today, its vineyards sprawl over 30 hectares of meticulously tended land.

This sparkling wine is refreshingly light on the fizz, boasting a modest alcohol content of just 10%. With a touch of sweetness, it clocks in at only 5 grams per litre, barely surpassing the “dry” limit and maintaining a pleasantly restrained profile for this type. Crafted from a blend of 40% Arinto, 20% Azal, 20% Avesso, and 20% Loureiro grapes, it serves as the winery’s introductory offering, yet it delivers exceptional value.

This delightfully fresh wine bursts with zesty citrus notes, complemented by the enticing aromas of orchard fruits and subtle tropical undertones. On the palate, it offers a juicy sensation, brimming with lively fruit flavors and a tantalizing touch of mouthwatering acidity. Smooth and thoroughly enjoyable, it serves as the perfect companion for alfresco picnics or as a cheerful remedy to brighten up even the gloomiest of weekdays.

Alcohol – 10% ABV

*Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

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Joe’s Judgements

Vinho Verde is a region in Portugal very dear to my heart, lush and verdant green, much like our very own British Isles. The difference is that it produces fantastically zippy white wines, with a slight fizz on the tongue and lower alcohol content (about 10%).

Casa de Vilacetinho Vinho Verde DOC 2022/2023 is a fantastic example of a Vinho Verde white made with love, fresh, fizzy and citrussy like lemonade with crisp green apple, peach and melon tinges. Light in body but not watery. Refreshing and perfect for alfresco dining, BBQs and light lunches. Takes me back to living in the Algarve sitting in the sun with some snacks and some inexpensive and fresh white wine…. bliss.

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