Vignobles Bardet, Franc Le Maine Sans Soufre 2018 Saint-Emilion


What the Producer Says

Franc Le Maine Sans Soufre is a sulfite-free wine that has been made from Merlot, with bio-regulation, indigenous yeast and bacteria to take care of the fermentation and malo-lactic fermentation.100% merlot with freshness that you rarely see in Bordeaux wines. It’s full of red fruit flavours and is so easy to drink young.

About the Producer

Vignobles Bardet

Roger Bardet passed on to his son Philippe a passion for growing wine, a taste for doing work well and a deep respect for the estate.

In 2008, Philippe took over Château Franc le Maine, another Saint-Emilion Grand Cru.“A subtle blend of technical innovations and environmental practices designed to reveal the treasure within our terroir.” Vignobles Bardet uses inventive practices that respect nature.

They seek to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment by adopting practices that protect nature’s balances, such as using grass as a cover crop between the rows of vines, developing hedging around the different plots to reconstitute natural ecosystems, maintaining a weather station to observe local weather patterns affecting the vines, strictly sorting waste and exploiting geothermal energy.

Ross Recommends

Bardet employ an interesting cap control method then keeps the grape must submerged, meaning they can avoid aggressive punching down methods, and instead show the fruit for its fresh and vibrant nature. I was genuinely blown away by this wine when I first tasted it in the home of Paul-Arthur Bardet. It truly is a testament to the variety of style available in the region


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Joe’s Judgements

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