Vignobles Bardet, Cuvée Peaky Blinders Saint-Emilion 2019


About the Wine

Cuvée Peaky Blinders 2019 Saint-Emilion bottled by order of the Shelby Company Limited- is a blend of Merlot for 72%, Cabernet Franc for 22% and the rest Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes are grown on soils of sands and rocky aggregates around the old port of Saint-Emilion. The vinification is done in concrete tanks in order to protect all the freshness of the fruit. 13%

This is a pop-culture inspired wine, that drinks like a classic Saint Emilion, produced by the 4th generation of a fantastic house.

About the producer-

Roger Bardet passed on to his son Philippe a passion for growing wine, a taste for doing work well and a deep respect for the estate.

In 2008, Philippe took over Château Franc le Maine, another Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. “A subtle blend of technical innovations and environmental practices designed to reveal the treasure within our terroir.” Vignobles Bardet uses inventive practices that respect nature.

They seek to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment by adopting practices that protect nature’s balances, such as using grass as a cover crop between the rows of vines, developing hedging around the different plots to reconstitute natural ecosystems, maintaining a weather station to observe local weather patterns affecting the vines, strictly sorting waste and exploiting geothermal energy.

Still a family-run affair today, with Paul-Arthur leading the way in creating new and interesting ways to market these classic wines.


Ross Reccomends

Using a pop culture reference to introduce a new demographic to this historic style is a stroke of genius. The quality of this wine surprised me so much that we reached out to the family to figure out how we could start selling it here at Bottles.


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Joe’s Judgements

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