Valfonda V Prosecco Extra Dry DOC NV


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Cantina di Gambellara holds a significant historical position as the pioneering cooperative winery in the province of Vicenza, dating back to its establishment in 1947. Its origins trace back to the Enopolio di Gambellara, which served as its predecessor and was operational since 1920.

One of the notable offerings from Cantina di Gambellara is its 100% Glera grape Prosecco, originating from the Veneto region. 

Introducing our signature Prosecco – a stunning extra dry style crafted exclusively from 100% Glera grapes. Unlike the commonplace commercial varieties you find on the bustling high streets, ours exudes precision and freshness. Delicately balanced, it greets you with fine bubbles and bursts of fresh aromas reminiscent of wildflowers, crisp apples, and zesty citrus notes. Each sip culminates in a beautifully clean finish, leaving you longing for another glass.

Alcohol – 11.5% ABV

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Joe’s Judgements

Prosecco can often feel fizzy (something that we love of course) and sweet (often overly so), without containing all of the fresh clean aromas and flavours that the Glera grape can show.

Luckily the Valfonda V Prosecco Extra Dry DOC NV is a really fantastic example of this style of wine and a real cut above cheaper supermarket offerings. Sometimes it feels nice to treat yourself. Lovely fine bubbles upon pouring, plus fresh floral and apple aromas on the nose. This translates onto the palate, with green apple and pear tingling on the tongue, offsetting subtle sweetness. A good finish shows a hint of refreshing citrus and rounds off every mouthful. This is Prosecco I can really get behind.

Great as an aperitif, with shellfish and fish dishes, creamy cheeses, chicken and turkey.

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