Picpoul de Pinet Mare Nostrum 2021


The Montagnac cellar was created in 1937 in the Montagnac commune. Nowadays its soil stretches on 7 communes all along the Thau lake at the mountainous foothills of the right shore of Hérault. Around 2,000 hectares are vinified on 2 different sites which are the most important vinification areas in Hérault. A major part of the vineyard is located on clay-limestone soils with some pockets of marl as well. The climate is Mediterranean, dry and hot during summer, more temperate next to the sea.

The Picpoul legend : an old legend tells that Picpoul grape was so browned and sweet at maturity that poultry on the shore of Thau lake enjoyed this sweet varietal when wine-harvest was coming, that’s how the name Pique Poule was born which has been modified then in Piquepoul and gave its name to the AOC Picpoul de Pinet.

The term Picpoul translates literally as “stings the lip”, and is a reference to the grape’s mouthwateringly high acidity.

This seafood friendly wine from Cave De Montagnac has floral aromas and a fresh palate of green fruits, citrus, lip smacking acidity a lovely salinity & a simple, fresh finish.

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Joe’s Judgements

I’m a massive fan of this varietal and I’m excited to see it feature more prominently in restaurants, independent wine merchants and even supermarkets. Coming from the Languedoc-Rousillon region, right on the Mediterranean coast in South-East France, this wine shows its character in more ways than one

Fresh, crispy wine with abundant citrus and complex floral aromas. Lemon, lime and crunchy green apple mixed with stonefruit and white flowers on the nose. Citrus flavors dominate the forefront, with the same lemon and lime notes from the nose, but now joined by juicy grapefruit, adding a delightful tartness. There’s also a hint of pear that adds a touch of sweetness, while the salty, mineral backbone provides structure and depth. The palate expresses the wonderful saline minerality of the terroir, making this an ideal pairing with seafood. Vibrant acidity is the cherry on the cake.

Definitely one for enthusiasts of delicious, dry white wines!

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