Palacio del Camino Rioja Reserva 2017


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A timeless Rioja wine crafted by the vibrant and enterprising Vintae team, blending classic style with contemporary accessibility. The wines from Palacio del Camino de Real all share a common thread: sourced from superior grape-growing regions in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, situated in the heart of La Rioja Alta. This area stands as the cradle of Rioja’s winemaking tradition, hosting the finest old Tempranillo vineyards. It’s characterized by the unwavering dedication of their winemakers in tending to the vineyards and the heartfelt care infused into crafting each wine. Among our most prized and popular selections, this is a wine not to overlook.

This great value Rioja Reserva is a blend of Tempranillo and Graciano and is matured for 20 months in French and American Oak barrels.

The Palacio Camino Real Rioja wines offer exceptional value for an enjoyable drinking experience. Displaying a medium-deep garnet hue that hints at its maturity, it unfolds into a sophisticated and multifaceted aroma. Dark fruits, spices, truffles, dark chocolate, and subtle oak notes intermingle. This wine offers complexity on the palate, balancing perfectly poised acidity, gentle tannins, and a harmonious blend of fruit characteristics.

Alcohol – 14% ABV

*Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

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Joe’s Judgements

Rioja wine is built upon the foundation of the Tempranillo grape, on its own producing wines with ripe, high levels of dusty tannins and structure, and lots of fruit. It’s not just one size fits all though, with a strict classification system based on the time that the wine has been matured in oak and in bottle. In the case of Rioja Reserva, it breaks down to at least 1 year in barrel (although often longer) and the rest in bottle for a total of 3 years. The longer time spent in the barrels changes the make-up of the wine, making it darker, richer and spicier with smoother, more integrated tannins.

Reserva may be my favourite style of Rioja, moving to more developed and complex flavours. Rioja is quite a crowded space and producers really need to up their game in order to stay ahead of the pack. I really think that Palacio del Camino Rioja Reserva is fantastic, they’ve done the maturation for you so you can drink now. Dark, ripe fruits such as cherries, plums and blackberries interspersed with spicy, smoky, meaty and earthy leather and tobacco notes. Vanilla shows itself nicely, with a dark chocolate roundness. Smooth silky tannins balanced with good acidity.

A fantastic Reserva for the price, delicious with lamb and gamier meats, as well as hard nutty style cheeses.


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