Mottura Stilio Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2021


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Villa Mottura Stilio Primitivo is a noteworthy Italian wine that hails from the Apulia region, specifically from the Primitivo di Manduria DOC area. Primitivo is a grape variety that has gained popularity for its rich and robust red wines, and Villa Mottura’s Stilio Primitivo is no exception.

In recent years “Stilio” has been added to Mottura’s range of wines. It is made from grapes selected from low-yield vineyards in the area of Manduria. One part of the grapes used to make this wine are slightly raisined on the vine, which concentrates the aromas before harvesting, thanks to a slight drying and resulting 20-30% loss of water.

This wine boasts a deep, intense ruby-red colour, hinting at its bold and full-bodied nature. On the nose, it offers an enticing bouquet of ripe blackberries, dark cherries, and a subtle touch of spice, creating a harmonious blend of fruity and savoury notes.

On the palate, Villa Mottura Stilio Primitivo truly shines. It is a luscious and velvety wine with a well-defined structure. The dominant flavours include ripe plums, blackcurrants, and hints of vanilla and tobacco, showcasing the complexity that Primitivo wines are known for. The wine’s generous tannins provide a pleasant grip, while the balanced acidity keeps it lively and approachable.


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Joe’s Judgements

This is an absolute monster of a wine, reflecting the baking hot, arid conditions of Puglia

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