Momento Mori Fistful Of Flowers 2022


Momento Mori is the joint endeavour of Dane Johns and his wife, Hannah. They tend to two small vineyard plots in Gippsland, Victoria, and an additional 1.5-hectare vineyard right by the Black Snake Ranges in the Tonimbuk Valley. Every aspect of their winemaking exudes a truly artisan ethos: they steadfastly adhere to organic practices, conduct small-scale fermentations, rely on wild yeast, avoid new oak and mechanized pumps, don’t use fining and filtration, and make no additions, including a complete absence of sulfur dioxide (SO2) at any stage of the winemaking process. The result is a collection of wines brimming with character, vibrancy, and unadulterated purity.

Tasting notes

The cherished and dynamic fusion of Moscato Giallo and Vermentino from Momento Mori is making its return! This wine announces its presence with a bold and vibrant aromatic punch, akin to the exuberance of a crisp mineral water. On the nose, expect an interplay of musk and a hint of pickled ginger, leading to a palate bursting with flavors of elderflower, green apple, and a subtle touch of tannin, all harmoniously bound together by a wonderfully invigorating acidity. The quintessential skin-contact wine.

Alcohol – 11.5% alcohol

*Natural, minimal intervention wine

*Practising Organic vineyard

*Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

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Joe’s Judgements

This Orange wine shows a fantastically fresh and innovative approach to winemaking, both in its flavours and production methods. I can quite often be disappointed with ‘natural’ styles of wine, due to the fact that they can have some unpleasant aromas and flavours due to wild yeast fermentation and spoilage yeasts. It takes some real skill to make wine like this, monitoring and controlling conditions to get the best results.

This wine is made by a skilled winemaker. It boasts an astonishingly floral and vibrant aroma, accompanied by a crisp and zesty acidity that leaves a lasting impression. The palate reveals a remarkable blend of pineapple, zesty lemon, biscuit, elderflower, and a touch of spice. It shows exceptional minerality (volcanic soils definitely contribute) while also offering a distinct saline and briny quality.Momento Mori Fistful of Flowers is superb with food, try with seafood or my personal favourite, any dish that combines potatoes and cheese, just cuts through any richness or greasiness.

If this is your style of wine, you’re going to have some fun here.

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