Ludlow No1. Classic Botanical Vodka 70cl


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Ludlow Distillery, situated amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Shropshire Hills, takes pride in marrying the timeless practices of spirit crafting with the bountiful essence of its surroundings. Since its inception, this distillery has remained steadfast in its mission to capture the essence of its region, carefully selecting ingredients that reflect quality and authenticity.

The dedication to artisanal excellence is evident in Ludlow’s precise distillation methods. Combining traditional wisdom with modern techniques, the distillery creates spirits that blend heritage with innovation. This meticulous approach results in a range of products, each bearing the hallmark of the distillers’ passion and dedication.

Ludlow Classic Vodka is meticulously crafted in the Welsh Marches, blending botanicals and spirit in copper stills to achieve a smooth and classic character.

A mix of naked oats, coriander, almond, orris, bay leaf, and oak combines with local apples and exotic Buddha’s hand citrus, creating a premium vodka.

Enjoy it in a vodka martini or with a slice of apple and tonic water for a refreshing drink.

Alcohol – 42% ABV

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Joe’s Judgements

When I reach for Vodka, the crisper and cleaner the better! The distillation of Ludlow No1. Classic Botanical Vodka has been carried out in copper stills (good heat transference) which leads to super smooth and fragrant vodka, with notes of crisp green apples, a touch of zesty citrus and gentle spice around the edges, with no evidence of the burn from cheaper vodkas. Pair with your favourite mixer, although I really enjoyed sipping this neat on ice, and also imagined seeing it turning up in a martini. Ice cold vodka martini, jackpot!

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