Hawksdrift Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2022


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Hawksdrift is a family owned vineyard, located in the Dillons Point region of Marlborough.

Murray and Robyn Butt were among the first to pioneer growing grapes in this area. Before they took their first steps into viticulture, in 1998, they farmed the land conventionally, growing crops and raising livestock.

The Dillons Point area is in the East of Marlborough, near the sea coast. It lies close to sea level and has deep, fertile soils. Shelter from the Wither Hills range, contributes to a long, hot ripening season, meaning, the fruit is left to ripen when other, cooler areas have shut down.

This long hang time develops fully ripened summer flavours in the fruit.

The 2022 Hawksdrift Sauvignon Blanc has aromas of fresh gooseberry, passionfruit and papaya. The palate is full of tropical fruits and citrus characters which continue through to a long refreshing finish. Serve with seafood and Asian dishes.

Alcohol – 12.5% ABV

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Joe’s Judgements

New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is incredibly popular, for very good reason! Wines from this region exhibit an extraordinary liveliness in their fruit profiles and boast a strikingly sharp acidity. Marlborough’s soils primarily consist of deep-draining sandy loam layered over gravel, benefiting from a maritime climate that balances warm days with refreshing oceanic breezes. Additionally, New Zealand encounters nearly double the UV radiation compared to other regions at similar latitudes due to a thinner ozone layer, resulting in remarkably high sun exposure. This means a long ripening season!

A lot of Marlborough styles display marked aromatics, including passionfruit, grass and green peppers. The acid is often sky-high. This can sometimes be a little jarring, so I’ve been searching for a wine with great, clean flavours with acid that is in balance with the fruit. Cloudy Bay is the frontrunner, however its a premium wine and in this day and age we’re looking for real value.

Hawksdrift Sauvignon Blanc is fantastic value for money. Lovely fruit intensity on the nose without being pungent and overbearing, kiwi fruit, melon and a tart gooseberry/tropical passionfruit pairing makes it really refreshing. Little hints of herbs and grass lift the wine and the acidity is marked without being too much. A good length finish makes this a wonderful alternative to higher priced premium sauvignon blanc. Pair with fish and chips, seafood and delicately spiced asian dishes. Goats cheese is another classic pairing that works beautifully.

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