Gran Passaia Toscana IGT Sangiovese/Merlot 2019


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From the Winemaker

The Gran Passaia Rosso Toscana by Cielo e Terra is a warm, fragrant and delicate red wine cuvée from the Italian wine region of Tuscany. This red wine is made from Sangiovese and Merlot grapes. 


Passia has some light drying of the grapes to add body in the early stages. It undergoes a partial second fermentation to increase smoothness and fruity notes.  13.5%

Ross Recommends

One of our all time best sellers, this baby ‘’super Tuscan” punches far above its weight.

Imagine the bitter cherry of classic Sangiovese, rounded with full fruity merlot. Super drinkable from the moment it’s opened, this wine suits pre-dinner just as well as the main course. This hybrid wine is almost French in style, and scored 94 points in 2019



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Joe’s Judgements


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