Coral Wines Gavi di Gavi DOCG ‘La Lomellina’ 2015


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From the heart of the Adriatic, a blend of art and innovation is redefining European wines.
An underwater cellar cradles each bottle in the ocean’s embrace, naturally transforming its character through a process of accelerated ageing.

We have tested over 500 wines from 15 European countries in our commitment to uncovering the perfect partners for our unique ageing process. It’s a science and craft, elevating selected fine wines by defending the depths of the unordinary.


10 Months



Old Anne Gavi is one of Marko’s favorite wines. Initially, Coral Wine had no intention of ever having a Gavi di Gavi in its underwater cellar. However, upon tasting it, we completely changed our minds.

As it’s not produced every year, only the finest fruit from the best vintages is used to produce this Old Anne Gavi. Before the sea, it had an intense, salty aroma profile, with white flowers, yellow peaches, and stone fruit – lots of green apples, but not the simple kind of aroma profile – it was profound, precise, and complex. Its sharp acidity was followed by a crispy, mineral texture, and the aftertaste was long and in line with everything that it was displaying on the nose. It had structure. It had amazing ageing potential.

Thus, we were inclined to age it in the sea. And the results were nothing less than exceptional. It significantly changed the aroma profile. The cheesiness from ageing on the lees came forward, giving the wine a much silkier texture, but the structure and intensity of the wine are still very much present. It might seem closed at first, but after much-needed aeration, it will display beautiful aromas of cooked peaches, wet stones, jasmine, and almonds. The quince is dominant on the nose, as it is on the aftertaste. The acidity is pleasant but not overwhelming, and very well-structured.

Alcohol – 13% ABV

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