Coral Wines Metiusco Rosato Palama 2020


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From the heart of the Adriatic, a blend of art and innovation is redefining European wines.
An underwater cellar cradles each bottle in the ocean’s embrace, naturally transforming its character through a process of accelerated ageing.

We have tested over 500 wines from 15 European countries in our commitment to uncovering the perfect partners for our unique ageing process. It’s a science and craft, elevating selected fine wines by defending the depths of the unordinary.


8 Months

Negroamaro 100%

It was a long search for a rosé that could successfully age under the sea. After a series of trials and errors, we have found a rosé that could not just withstand aging under the sea but could also benefit from it.

Metiusco Rosato is a special kind of rosé made from Negroamaro grapes using a saignée method. This method produces a different kind of rosé – big and bold in expression, even slightly tannic in texture. An immensely fragrant wine full of red fruit, strawberries, and slight herbal bitterness, it showed amazing aging potential.

After ageing it underwater, the results were very pleasant. The fruitiness was still very much present – wild strawberries persisted, red cherries started emerging, and that herbaceousness turned into orange-peel, Campari-like aromatics. The acidity dropped only slightly and still worked harmoniously with the rich palate. Its long-lasting flavours will accompany food like raw tuna perfectly, but it can also be enjoyed on pretty much any occasion throughout the year.

Alcohol – 13% ABV

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