Cantine Povero Moscato d’Asti 2022


Cantine Povero stands as a remarkable, historic winery seamlessly harmonizing authentic, generational traditions with an innovative, environmentally conscious approach. Their distinct ecological philosophy yields characterful wines that authentically express their origin, delivering exceptional value for wine enthusiasts.

The name Moscato derives from the Greek word “moskhos”, denoting fragrant, sweet grapes, whose smell recalls musk. The color is straw yellow with golden reflections and the perlage is fine and persistent. The flavor is sweet and fruity, typical of Moscato. A myriad of aromas come out brightly from the glass, including sage, orange peel, pear, apricot, honey, roses, and orange blossom.

  • Winemaking
    Removal of grape stalks and cooling at 
    Soft pressing at 0,6 Atm 
    Fermentation case: stainless steel, 
    temperature-controlled tanks
    Fermentation temperature: 15/16°C (with 
    selected yeasts inoculation)

Pair with:

Fruit and almond tarts, dry biscuits like Torcetti , cheesecakes, figs, melon, tiramisu, blue cheeses like Gorgonzola and Stilton, spicy dishes of Indian or Thai cuisine
Alcohol – 5.5% ABV
*Practising Organic and Sustainable Vineyard
*Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans 
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Joe’s Judgements

It’s extremely easy to fall in love with Moscato d’Asti, especially well-made ones like Cantine Povero Moscato d’Asti. Sweet and refreshing at the same time, with great acidity to balance out the residual sugar so it doesn’t feel cloying. Light in body, semi-sparkling (frizzante) and low in alcohol. A fantastic addition to a picnic, aperitif or at the end of a meal. Equally good on its own though!

Cantine Povero Moscato d’Asti is actually a delicate little number for a wine of this style. Aromas of peach, green apple, lemon peel and white flower blossoms give this wine a really attractive nose. This translates to the palate with wonderful tropical notes of pineapple and a slightly bubblegummy vibe going on. Acidity is good and sugar is kept in check, with 5.5% alcohol you won’t fall off of your chair after this one.

An all-round belter for the price.

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