Bodega Katxina Txakolina 2022


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Producers notes

On this land touched by the Cantabrian Sea, to be able to produce wines with pedigree, we need to find the best location and take great care of the vineyard. For that, we have chosen 8 hectares of vineyards facing south, located on terraces that go all the way to the estuary of the river Oria. From that point is where the soft sea breeze comes and caresses the vines; a location ideal for the perfect ripening of our grapes


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Joe’s Judgements

The first (and only) example of this wine that I’ve found and I really like it. I liken Bodega Katxina Txakolina to it’s Portuguese counterpart Vinho Verde, light, crisp and zesty with a slight effervescence  Notes of fresh citrus, apple, pear and melon with well-defined acidity and a marked stream of dry minerality. The little bit of fizz makes it even more refreshing. Perfect for an aperitif, with salads, seafood and shellfish.


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