Blue Horn Torrontes 2021


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Torrontés, indigenous to Argentina, yields crisp, aromatic white wines characterized by moderate acidity, a velvety texture, and a distinct bouquet of peach and apricot aromas.

Lemon Colour with green highlights. Fragrant floral notes of roses and jasmine are paired with intense fruit aromas of grapes and white peaches. A fresh youthful wine with complex fruit and a refreshing finish.

Alcohol – 12.5%

*Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

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Joe’s Judgements

Torrontes used to get a bit of short shrift in the wine world, partly because a lot of the cheaper ones were far too alcoholic, bitter, rough on the palate and low in acidity. Fair enough, we’ll give them that one. At it’s best its gorgeous, aromatic, peachy, floral, crisp and refreshing. Blue Horn Torrontes is all of those things.

In terms of food pairing, this wine goes fantastically well with (at risk of being a broken record) spiced foods like coconut curries, pad thai and other peanut-based sauces. That wonderful florality (not sure if thats a word but it fits) and ripe stonefruit that smells sweet but tastes dry and cuts through that spice perfectly.

Give it a bash, could be a new favourite.

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