Aroa Le Naturel Tinto Garnacha 2021


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Aroa is a “boutique” winery, in D.O. Navarra, where wine and Organic methods of cultivating go hand in hand. Carefully selected vinyards, located in the highest and coolest area of the region, manually harvested with special treatment during vinification.
Le Naturel is a collection of wines with no added sulfites. The key is a totally natural and very carefully made wine with organic grapes as the single ingredient.

The vineyards, certified as organic, coexist with the native fauna of the region.

Their proximity to the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Sea ensures their fine quality. Le Naturel’s vineyards have never been treated with chemical products, receiving only traditional treatments such as copper and sulfur with very little concentration.

Varieties: Grenache and others.
Vineyard: Located on the northern border, covered by the mountain ranges of Urbasa and Andia. Organic farming on fresh calcareous clay soils.
Harvest: Manual harvest from October 7 to the end of the month.
Winemaking: Short maceration, only 5 days with the minimum possible intervention. The malolactic fermentation takes place in a 12,000 litre vats.
Alcohol Content: 14% Vol.

Clean and bright colour, with dominating raspberry tones. Fresh and fruity, with good intensity of blackberries, blackcurrant and violets. Fresh and fruity attack that comes from the high-altitude vineyards. It has a fresh and lovely tartness, pleasantly balanced acidity and delightful aftertaste.

Alcohol – 14% ABV

*Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

*Certified Organic Vineyard

*Natural non-intervention wine

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Joe’s Judgements

Natural wine can be a double-edged sword, with some being poorly made with off aromas and flavours, usually due to a lack of monitoring in the fermentation process and poor sanitation. You’ll definitely know if you find one of these, sweaty yeasty socks come to mind.

When they’re done well, they exhibit a side to wine that you’ve never seen before, purity of fruit and freshness being a key component of these wines. Le Aroa Naturel Tinto Garnacha offers a smooth texture and has aromas of fresh red fruits, delicate violet notes and subtle herbal nuances. The palate matches the nose, juicy, ripe, dark berries, licorice, balsam, and herbs.. This lush wine boasts vibrant acidity, present but structured tannins, and a good fruity finish.

Decant for 30 minutes before drinking, to let the acidity sit down and fruit to emerge, as well as the tannins will feel grippy straight from the bottle. An excellent, fresh natural wine that would pair nicely with salads, white fish, smoked meats and rice dishes.

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