Arcoroc Vina Decanter 1.5l


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Arc International is a French company that manufactures glass and crystal glassware for bars, restaurants and the home. Her story began in 1825 in the Pas de Calais. At that time, the company was called Verrerie Des Sept Ecluses, then in 1892 it was renamed Verrerie Cristallerie d’Arques, and in 1990 the company changed its name again to Arc.

Since 1916, Ark International belongs to the Duran family. It includes several brands, including Luminarc, Arcopal, Arcoroc, Cristal D’arques and Eclat.

This decanter boasts a 1.5L capacity, equivalent to two standard wine bottles. Its design bears a subtle resemblance to a laboratory bottle, yet with a refined touch. The thin glass offers a delicate feel, while the sleek lines ensure an elegant appearance, complementing any contents poured into it.

SALE ITEM – will come heavily packaged, and does not come in a box.

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Joe’s Judgements

Everyone needs a decanter, whether its grand and swan-necked or simple and elegant, much like this one. Aerating your favourite wines is sure to give you a better experience, softening tannins and boosting aroma and flavour.

The Arcoroc Vina Decanter 1.5l is a great all-rounder, either to impress guests or for more casual wine drinking affairs. The glass is delicate without being flimsy and the wide bottom is great for increasing the surface area and getting all that lovely oxygen into your wine. Its also big enough to fit a magnum, meaning you can put 2 standard bottles in there with no fuss.

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