Bottles Wine Bar and Bottles Wine Shop; Good times pair well with a good wine.

From a charming, lively atmosphere in the bar to popping across to the shop for a bottle to enjoy at home; Bottles have you covered for all ventures.


  🍷✨ Great Value Vegan, Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Wines Available 👨‍🌾👍  

Environmentally Friendly wine for the win!

Poderi Cellario 'E Orange' 1L

Natural, Organic, Orange Wine with peaches and cream, tropical notes and fresh acidity.


Momento Mori Fistful of Flowers 2022

Australian Natural Wine made in small batches, floral, fruity and delicious.


Lanzerac Merlot Stellenbosch 2021

Full-bodied, Rich and Velvety Red Wine, Suitable for Vegans


Domaine Bonnet Huteau ‘Les Laures’ Muscadet 2022

 Organic and Biodynamic White, Crisp with excellent minerality and long finish. 


Aroa Le Naturel Tinto Garnacha 2021

Excellent Value Spanish Natural Red Wine. Moreish with soft red fruits, bright acidity and earthy notes and spices.



Bottles Wine Bar is a charming, independent bar offering rare and boutique style wines both by the glass and the bottle.

Along with a wonderful variety on their wine list, Bottles offers a selection of premium spirits, an exciting range of cocktails as well as regularly rotated draught beer and cider. Designed to be casual, we also offer a selection of cheese and charcuterie boards to pair with your drinks in a relaxed and informal manner.


Bottles Wine Shop’s pride and joy comes from its boutique and rare products, specialising in providing that little bit of je ne sais quoi. Each Wine is carefully considered (and often sampled) by our in house team, ensuring we are selecting pure quality for our Customers. 

Bottles Wine Shop is also one of very few venues in the UK to have the wonderful WineEmotion dispensing machines.


Bottles is widely known for hosting some fantastic tasting events throughout the year. Lead by our team of thoroughly trained and experienced consultants, our wine tastings are perfectly catered to suit everyone regardless of their level of knowledge; we just ask that you love Wine!

Bottles also delivers private, bespoke wine tastings to cater to you, your celebration and all your wine needs.